Protanium U-Bahn

Protanium U-Bahn

The U-Bahn is a superlight and easy to handle city-bike. The U-Bahn has fully automatic gear-shift without cables. This is back to basic. Simplicity and lightweight is the keywords. No complicated displays and annoying cables. Just turn it on – and off you go!


Battery CZ-736H 25.2V 6.75AH Matt bk Rim X-Star 19   20″*1.75″*36H A/V  Alloy  BL CNC  Front:13G  Rear:14G
Controller 24V15AH Motor 24V 180W  w/ motor cable
Charger Input-100-240V, Output-29.4V 2A DC Φ5.5*2.1 Rear Hub KCBE110AYLE 3/8″*36H*14G*117W*165L  Alloy CP
Cable Wrap Length – 10mm 2000mm Plastic bk Free Wheel ASMGEAR18LP 1/2″*2.3mm”*18T  BK
Wire Harness Per Matched Parts KSME110XXX30430
Frame 20″ AL Headtube 50*44* Drawing -AL-20-L1614 Parts ASMCLIPKESP Φ22mm
Fork 20″ CRMO Stem-28.6*25.4*30*195L-31.8*2.0 Drawing-LAM682EG-A7946 Tire & Tube Schwalbe  big apple 20″*1.75″ A/V  5mm  w/ reflector tap
Head Parts FP-H815A Φ25.4*Φ44*Φ30 9PCS H-20.7mm EDB Strap JN 20″*16W  Nylon(yellow)
Handlebar MTB-AL-255A(ACE) 600W*140H*Φ22.2*2.5T  EDB Spoke front wheel: 13G. Rear wheel: 14G
Stem XF-C80-5 Φ25.4*300L EXT-80mm*30°  -Φ25.4 Saddle VL-1318 BK
Grip VLG-864-1AD3   129/129 KRATON BK w/green ring Seat Post SP-270 Φ30.4 400mmL *2.6T  AL EDB
Bell YWS-306A  -Φ22.2 BK Seat Clamp 327Q Φ35mm  AL EDB
BB VP-BC55PC 3PCS  length:126mm (CR-MO) ED Kickstand YCA-7   30mm *285mm AL EDB
Chain Wheel SAC8-012P11 1/2″*3/32″*36T *170mm*9/16″ Screw Set per BOM
Chain Guide C-102-3 36T 340*375*340, plastic O/M per design
Pedal FP-839 9/16″ CPSC/BS/JIS/TPP/Belgium/DIN  plastic  BK Decal per design
Chain Z410A 1/2″*1/8″*96L Carton carton and packing material
Brake Lever ORO-98EA  right    plug-SM-2Y bk clamp/silver lever Front Reflector RR-180-SLW CPSC/BS/ECE/DIN/JIS  W/ bracket
V-Brake TX-117L SHOE-260# 60mm BK Rear Reflector RR-190-BMR CPSC/BS/JIS
Brake Cable 2P  M type 7*8mm 720D*1000mm BK Battery Fixation AM1320MI001-03 35mm*20mm*1T steel CP