About DiavELo

About DiavELo / Protanium

DiavELo / Protanium was founded in 2006 by the inventor Lars Munksø and his partner, the industrial designer Brian Hoehl from Denmark.  As a pioneer DiavELo / Protanium was the first manufacturer to have lithium-ion battery built into E-bikes and Pedelecs. DiavELo / Protanium now supplies some of the best known manufacturers in the world with electric drive-trains and designs. The E-bikes and Pedelecs of DiavELo is characterized by a subtle, urban lifestyle design, coupled with all the benefits of e-mobility.

All of DiavELo uses Pedelec components from Protanium. These components have a discreet and perfect symbiosis of design, technical finesse and environmental friendliness.

The clear design-language form and harmony consistently breaks with the conventional markets existing Pedelec appearance.  The philosophy behind our approach is the hidden built-in lithium-ion battery, which is naturally integrated into the design of the bicycle.  We believe that many consumers are enthusiastic about the idea of a bicycle with an electric drive, but not convinced by the current look of the traditional pedelecs.  An electric bike should look visually like a conventional bicycle.  And when the electric drive is switched off, then it is to function as such.  For this reason, the distinctive DiavELo pedelecs were awarded in August 2011 at the world’s largest bicycle trade show in Friedrichshafen with the “Euro Bike” Award in the category “Pedelec”.  In addition, DiavELo prevailed again in March 2012, against numerous competitors and won three “Taipei Cycle d & i” Awards for design and innovation.