About Us

About Us

We are based out of Bowen island, British Columbia.

I have been traveling to China for over 20 years and I have seen the change from hundreds of thousands of bicycles to e-bikes today.

E-bikes over the last few years have gone under amazing changes.  The Germans, Danish and Swiss have developed bikes second to none. E-Cruiser Bikes has selected two companies, DiavELo from Denmark and E-X-Cruiser from Germany. These bikes are performances bikes that provide the option of both throttle and pedelec assistance. DiavELo and E-Cruisers will provide years of enjoyment and trouble free riding. Built of quality parts that can be replaced at any bike shop if you should ever have a break down.

The first time I got on an e-bike I was hooked. There is nothing better than having fun while doing business. Having just turned 65 years old and consider myself to be in good shape, I found climbing hills took  the fun out of riding. Our e-bike will get you up those hills without working up sweat.

E-bikes can be use as a standard bike or a pedelec by dialing in the amount of assistance (exercise) you require. The throttle option is included on both bikes but remember your distance will decrease without any pedal assistance.

So test drive a DiavELo or an E-Cruiser today and start having some fun.

E-Cruiser Bikes – Where the fun begins.